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Yesterdays Game

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Well.. we lost the opener..  There was some good and bad (BILLS should have won that one)

The good:   I saw a defense that was not gashed and held the score withing winnable distance.   keeping any NFL team to under 14 points will win the game 80% of the time. (Provided the other defense doesn't keep your offense under that level)

The Bad:   Offense could not find rhythm in run or pass.  Tyrod did not look comfortable the first half (over and under throwing).  We had sparks of great running, but couldn't make enough to open up the deep balls.  Offense line need to protect without holding.

The Ugly: REFS,  I just want some consistent calls for what is considered roughing the passer.  I rarely complain about the Refs ,  but i really notices some inconstant calls and NO calls (Tyrod hit out of bounds)